Thursday, July 8, 2010

Black Hawk Native Americans

Black Hawk Native Americans are descendants of a group of Native Americans that followed a War Chief named Black Hawk.  Chief Black Hawk actually was from a tribe that is now know as the "Sac (or Sauk) and Fox" Tribe.  Originally they were two tribes and Chief Black Hawk was from the Sac tribe. 

The "ceremonial" chief of the Sac tribe wanted to make peace with the white men and signed a treaty on behalf of his tribe which gave away most of their lands to the white men.  Black Hawk became a "war" chief and was against the treaty.  Eventually there was a war with the United States that was lead by chief Black Hawk called the Black Hawk War.  The followers of Chief Black Hawk were called "Black Hawks" but were acutally members of the Sac (Sauk) tribe.